Richard Rust and Edmond O'Brien of "Sam Benedict" 1962
Walther Way House Brentwood, California
Ed and his brother Liam O'Brien
Early editions of papers carrying theater reviews are rushed to Sardi's. Here, Olga San Juan reads a review to her husband, Edmond O'Brien, his mother , Agnes (left) and her mother, Mercedes.
U.S. Army Air Corp World War II
Donna Reed bestows a kiss as she presents the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Mr. O'Brien's portrayal of press agent, Oscar Maldoon in "The Barefoot Contessa".
Mr.O'Brien's favorite subject, Olga San Juan.
Mr. O'Brien takes a breather
Olga San Juan and Edmond O'Brien (c. 1950)

New and private beach of beach home. Malibu, California c. 1950

Edmond O'Brien drives in Los Angeles, California
Table read unknown date.
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